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Your backbone for multichannel commerce

Quickly respond to developments in the online market,
whilst keeping your customers happy. That's the point!

Make a strategic choice with Flexbox!
Flexbox is a transparent system that allows you to easily create and manage new sales channels.
The order handling is multi channel, customised to organize and fully integrated.

Product Management

Central Online
Product Database

Data Enrichment
& Structure

Back Office Integration

Channel Management

Unlimited Sales

Basic Shops


Rental Sales

Flexible Layout


Custom Order Wizards

Order Management

Flexible Online
Order Handling

Task Screens


Increased Revenue Opportunities:

Several Private Shops
Channel Rental
Content Rental
Dropship Fulfillment
Other Advantages:

Sustainable Investment
Strengthen Customer Loyalty
Independency of Back Office
Automated Information Flows
Clear administration:

Task screens:



Why Flexbox:
A sustainable investment
Flexbox can be seen as a set of extensions to your back office. Part of your business, with your own specific requirements built in. You have less customisation requirements within your business software. If you decide to work with other software? You can still connect with Flexbox.

Additional Revenue
Increase your revenue by not only expanding with new sales channels, but also letting your product and/or sales channels to generate additional income. In addition, providing order fulfillment and service can further enhance revenues.

Intensify Customer Contact and Strengthen Customer Loyalty
Flexbox gives you the opportunity to offer customers services they need to succeed online. It will intensify customer contact and customer loyalty.

Provide Additional Services To Customers With A Webshop
Customers with their own webshop can involve a lot of work. You make in a snapshot a webshop and the products are already within. The processing of online payments has been arranged. Advise prices, basic content, photos – all such actions can be maintained centrally. This allows your customers to quickly and inexpensively start a webshop. If desired, process the orders and delivers you the name of the customer, with a packing slip in their own style.

Automate information flows
Flexbox saves you time, because it is possible to digitalize and automate information flows. Flexbox is able to import orders in all formats. Customers can be informed of the status of their orders. Invoices and packing slips can be sent digitally. The choice is always yours!

Switching to another shop is not a problem
With Flexbox you can maintain product data centrally. The choice where you use the data can be made later. Do you have the information needed for a shop like you, who Flexbox created and want to also use them as a Magento Shop? This is not a problem with Flexbox. Want to start a niche shop next month with only a limited range? That is simple.

Backoffice Cost
Optionally, you can move tasks from your business applications to Flexbox. Almost all operations can be performed online. The number of licenses you need is decreasing and that delivers significant savings.

Less dependent
Because it is possible for Flexbox to take over many tasks from your back office, you can easily switch to another enterprise software.

By default Flexbox is hosted on the ultramodern and secure Windows Azure environment via a European network of Microsoft-managed datacenters.

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